With a view to ensure support and self-sustainability of Kosovo radio stations, Internews Kosova has organized a series of trainings on media management. We have called international trainers who, through the trainings listed below, have introduced various media management skills:


Radio Station Management and Finances 

An experienced Canadian trainer was invited to give the training. Staff members of five Kosovo Radio Stations have been trained on basic management skills, with a special focus in management secrets in Radio Stations.

Managerial Support of the Public Service Role 

Considering the similar mentalities with the media from Bosnia, Internews Kosova invited a trainer from Bosnia to present Bosnian media experiences vis-à-vis their Public Service role. Special focus in this essential training was given to the marketing-based self-sustainable development, to support the public service role. Five radio stations benefit from this training.

Introduction to Commercial Radio Management 

This is a joint experience of Kosovo radio stations in developing programs based on their own sounding of the possible audience.

One trainer has provide a five-day training for radio stations, explaining western methods in building a programme scheme of a commercial radio station.

The basics of developing a market research-based radio programme scheme was successfully presented and well received by the participating radio stations.

Alternative Incomes for Radio Stations 

Considering that incomes of local radio stations in the western countries from the marketing share of their programme space only fulfil 70 percent of the needs, other annual incomes are obtained from profitable activities such as organization of concerts and other public events, building an image of the city through the radio, selling T-shirts, baseball caps, scarves, etc.