One of the problems of Kosovo media is the lack of satisfactory skill among technical staff. Our perfect radio studio and local and international trainers have conducted a series of various training sessions, aimed at enhancing the technical skills of most radio-stations.

Basic technical skills-production

A series of one-day training sessions on the principles of production organization in radio-stations was organized. Regardless of its size, if the production of a radio station is appropriately organized, a plethora of problems can be avoided.

Digital audio editing

A rather successful training on digitalization and editing of audio materials with the most contemporary digital methods. The quality of computer editing is higher and the editing time of a report or commercial is significantly shortened.

Sound Engineering

Concentrated training on enhancement of technical skills of technical staff of radio stations, covering all studio equipment to the entry point of the transmitter, ranging from microphones, cables, mixers, processors and other appliances, to the most sophisticated appliances related to sound and audio characteristics; participating technicians were also trained on basic repair and maintenance of radio equipment.

Automatisation and archiving 

Focused training on various types of archiving, using diverse programs used for compressions of audio materials. Also, we have developed an Excel database for saving audio archives of an entire radio station, based on various data classification methods.

Radio network 

This training was dedicated to various forms of connecting different radio stations, aimed at providing programmatic exchange. Various radio networking methods were elaborated, including internet, NetMeeting, WAN, VPN, wireless connection, ISDN, etc.

Internet Radio Streaming

Although the most common use of internet among Kosovo radio stations is the internet cafe, or through friends and acquaintances that work in international organizations and can afford the high price of internet in Kosovo, there is a great interest in Internet Radio Streaming. This is the reason why Internews Kosova organized specialized training sessions to cover the basics of ‘streaming’, such as: difference between streaming and download, provider selection, digital encoders, various formats, Media Player vs. Real Player vs. Real-Time player; etc.