Investigative journalism

Internews Kosova has continually organized debates and trainings on accountability, transparency, ethical standards and professionalism in media.

Journalists had the opportunity to be guided with principles and training materials by international and regional trainers, so they can exercise their profession. They are trained to go deeper in the topics and by using their evidence they expose the injustice and abuse of power of public concern, use of public funds, environmental degradation, health scandals, which involves companies, organizations and individuals.

Our team tries to teach the essential methods required for investigative journalism which are: the methodology of primary resources, the hypothesis and fact-checking which helps the journalists understand their role in democratic principles.


Internews Kosova also organized training regarding the professional and accountable journalism, more precisely the fact-checking. It helps participants gain the fundamental skills needed to improve their fact-checking skills independently or in an organization. They learn to identify the reliability of sources and misinformation and by fact-checking they can tell if a particular statement is true or false.

Since IKS is accredited by the global leader in journalism, the International Fact-Checking Network, we created our own fact-checking platform which is called Krypometer or “Truth-o-meter”. This sector is used mostly on the statements of Kosovar politicians and their truthfulness regarding their promises. Our team continually monitors these promises and ranges them in a scale from 1 to 5.

So, our goal is to increase fack-checking efforts in Kosovo but also in the region, where data may not be available always by the government or other institutions.

This training helps Kosovo journalists to face their challenges by the misleading statements of politicians, government and different officials.

Broadcast journalism

To be a good broadcast journalist is essential to take a foundation training in the principles of broadcast journalism and mass communication. Our team has given different training regarding this field. The participants had the opportunity to learn the basic techniques which are: communicating well, producing, editing, and using different technologies.

Online journalism

Internews Kosova offered different trainings for online journalism. The participants had the opportunity to learn about the digital age journalism, data journalism, and media standards. Other lectures include: using social media for research, production and distribution, computer assisted reporting, data journalism.

Video - editing

Our team trains participants on the video-editing and its process of putting together, cleaning and finalizing a video for presentation or publishing. The tasks that participants take are: removing footage or editing scene elements, choosing the best shot for the final output, arranging and rearranging scenes, adding effects and filters.

Live Broadcasting/Live streaming

Within this training, the participants can learn how to set up an online show and produce a professional live broadcast on social media. In particular they will learn to: create video assets, produce a live stream, produce a video content, set up video assets for live streaming. Our team contains high quality video technology and broadcast cameras which might help participants during their work.

Media development and monitoring of public services

While the press freedom is the aim of IKS, we gave different trainings regarding the media development, journalism, and monitoring of the public services. During this training course, participants have the competencies to interpret information, and the right to judge, interpret and communicate it. This is the most important for a investigative journalist, the freedom to interpret news by being objective and unbiased. Being a professional and unbiased journalist is very hard in our region, and that is the main focus of our team, reporting unbiased news but also trying to give that same knowledge to the young journalists.

Fair and Impartial monitoring of Courts, Prosecution, Police, Education and Public Services Institutions

Internews Kosova for several years has been continually monitoring the Kosovo Courts, Procurement, Kosovo Police, education, and other public institutions. Giving the most reliable information to the public regarding these public institutions is very hard but our core value. Since our professional team has gained professionalism with hard work, has tried to spread its knowledge to young journalists, reporters or correspondents.

Media and PR Presence

Internews Kosova is known for its accuracy, transparency and hard work into working with the media but also being critical which helped the team gain its reputation. Therefore, the team provided a training regarding the PR and presentation in media. The participants had taken lessons starting from the simple techniques of interviewing to different critical communications. In this regard, the participants have gained knowledge of better managing the public profile.

Online Presence and on Social Media

Since our platform is mostly followed on social media, we try to have a professional online presence in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The training of online presence and social media provides participants the technical tools to manage and establish a professional online presence of their corporate. The course provides the practices for a developed engaging content to the community, planning thee content and its scheduling, the digital activity, using social media policy and different recommendations.