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Products developed in partnership

Life in Kosovo TV debate – This program is produced by Internews Kosova for Balkan Investigative Reporting Network BIRN. “Life in Kosovo” is the most watched current affairs program in Kosovo broadcast on Kosovo’s public TV, RTK. The programme includes TV reports from the field on the current issues, direct questioning of decision-makers, affected parties, and studio debates. It covers the most important political and social issues unfolding on a weekly basis in Kosovo.

Justice in Kosovo TV debate – This program is produced by Internews Kosova for Balkan Investigative Reporting Network. It specialises in the field of justice, police and security reporting and started broadcasting in November 2010. It features studio debates on justice related issues, TV field reports on justice and court monitoring, as well as lengthy TV reports about the police activities on the field. The purpose of this programme is to prevent and fight crime, curb negative phenomena in society, improve citizen-police relations, improve road traffic safety, raise awareness among citizens of Kosovo of issues concerning security and address their problems.

Gazeta Jeta në Kosovë is a news portal in Albanian language launched in September 2011, which aims to offer objective information and analysis adhering of the highest journalism standards. With inve


stigations as its dominant reporting genre, it is primarily focused on the quality of the public institutions services. Gazeta JnK is a production of Internews Kosova and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network-BIRN.

Prishtina Insight is a digital and print magazine published by Internews Kosova.


The purpose of the Krypometer is to reflect on the truthfulness of a public statements, to scan and inspect the statement of a political figure regarding issues of great local, central, or international importance. Video launched through social media, shows some of the most important pledges fact-checked by Krypometer, while public discussions, lectures with students and more fact-checking are just some of the activities that will be carried out to honor this day.

Tema – is the newest TV program, a unique concept idea developed by Internews Kosova, in partnership with BIRN Kosovo and BIRN Serbia. Based on the assumption that little to no effort has been made to enable such debate to take place; if we hold a series of televised debates/reports which bring together Serbs and Albanians to discuss quality of life issues then we will create an informal platform for dialogue between stakeholders in Kosovo and Serbia.

“The Police” is the newest TV program of Justice in Kosovo program which includes real actions of the latest operations by Kosovo Police, broadcast exclusively by Internews Kosova and BIRN. These actions reveal many arrests of people, who possess and distribute narcotics, conduct house thefts, sexual harassment against teenagers, and other criminal offences. Internews has filmed more than 150 segments by December 2012.

Lamjet- was a media production, satirical in its nature, produced jointly by Internews Kosovo and BIRN. It was broadcasted weekly, and by simulating news programs it ironized public figures such as the president, prime minister and others.